Beef Bites Sweet & Smokey

Beef Bites Sweet & Smokey

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Beef bites are here!

We have 5 flavors. These are beef bites (bite sized beef sticks). These are also clean!! No preservatives, nitrates, or nitrites. Gluten free and some flavors are low or no sugar! They are 100% beef. Smoked naturally. Ziploc bags with nutritionals listed.

If you’ve got just enough of a sweet tooth to enjoy a touch of honey with your high-protein snack, our premium quality Sweet & Smokey Beef Bites are the treat you’re looking for. We start with beef raised with no added hormones or antibiotics, and season it with the kind of natural spices that belong on a fine grilled steak, including sea salt, onion and garlic. Then we add touches of brown sugar, cane sugar, honey, and molasses to add a subtle underlying sweetness that elevates, but never overwhelms the beef. We smoke it naturally with hickory chips and serve it in a natural beef casing. The result is uniquely tender, gluten-free, and delicious. 

The new flavors are:

Hickory Smoked (1g sugar)

Wild Ginger

Sweet & Smokey

Mild Jalapeno (sugar free)

Spicy Jalapeno (sugar free) (my fav)