Beef Bites Spicy Jalapeno

Beef Bites Spicy Jalapeno

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Beef bites are here!

We have 5 flavors. These are beef bites (bite sized beef sticks). These are also clean!! No preservatives, nitrates, or nitrites. Gluten free and some flavors are low or no sugar! They are 100% beef. Smoked naturally. Ziploc bags with nutritionals listed.

If you’re craving some authentic peppery fire in your high-protein snack, but you’d rather avoid the artificial ingredients found in so many beef stick products, our premium quality Spicy Jalapeño Beef Bites bring the heat you’re looking for. We start with beef raised with no added hormones or antibiotics, gourmet-season it with natural spices including sea salt, black pepper, mustard, garlic, pure cane sugar, and nutmeg. Then we add bold helpings of diced jalapeño and crushed red pepper so you get serious, balanced heat in every bite. We smoke it naturally with hickory chips and serve it in a natural beef casing. The result is uniquely tender, gluten-free, and deliciously spicy. 

The new flavors are:

Hickory Smoked (1g sugar)

Wild Ginger

Sweet & Smokey

Mild Jalapeno (sugar free)

Spicy Jalapeno (sugar free) (my fav)